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Diaphragm Seal – When to Use?

This post tries to describe the use of diaphragm seal since the standard installation of pressure instrument is by using pressure transmitter which is remotely mounted from process taps and connected by impulse line which is commonly a tubing. In … Read More

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Overpressure (Process)

Overpressure is excess pressure in a process equipment or pipe of its maximum allowable working pressure. Overpressure can be caused by inflow exceeds outflow, which occurs if upstream flowrate control device fails or it there is blockage in the downstream … Read More

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Pressure Measurement Elements

Bourdon tubes A Bourdon tube is a metallic coil constructed from a metal tube, closed at one end and fixed to a pressure source at the other. It has the desired elasticity that makes the tube tends to deform to … Read More

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Pressure Definition

Pressure is a type of stress which is exerted uniformly in all directions over a given area and defined as the ratio of the magnitude of the normal force F to the area A, or simply said it is a … Read More

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