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Instrument Cable Screen Grounding

Why the cable screen shall not be grounded at instrument field device? Cable screen protects the signal carried on the conductor from external interference. Cable screen blocks the external interference and noise, then directs it to the ground. Screen shall … Read More

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Instrument Cable – Fire Resistant vs Flame Retardant

What is the difference between Fire resistant cable and  Flame retardant cable? Please also explain the typical application for both of them. Fire resistant cable is cable which will continue to operate normally in the presence of prolonged fire for … Read More

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Multi Cable Transit (MCT)

Multi Cable Transit (MCT) is a block system which provides sealing for cable penetration from hazardous area to non-hazardous area (such as from field to Control Room) and cable penetration through gas tight or fire walls.  Multi Cable Transit (MCT) … Read More

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Instrument Cable Specification

Instrument Cable Specification During detailed design project, the cable shall be selected with suitable specification for the  intended application. In the beginning of the project, the specification for each cable part shall be carefully specified to satisfy the requirement of … Read More

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