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Tubing and Fitting Design Guide

The following points provide brief guideline in tubing and fitting design for instrument tubing and fittings. The selection preferences may vary between projects. Selection of hook up materials shall consider process fluid pressure and pressure rating to ensure good sealing … Read More

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Ladder (Cable Ladder)

Ladder may refers to cable ladder. Ladder is used to support large number of large cables between two points. Cable Ladder material shall be selected based on environmental and installation conditions. Several types of material are available such as stainless … Read More

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Stanchion (Instrument Mounting Stand)

Stanchion is the other term for instrument mounting stand. It is a structure where instrument is mounted. Stanchion is commonly constructed from 2” pipe with base plate. The instrument is attached to the stanchion by means of bracket for 2” … Read More

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Multi Cable Transit (MCT)

Multi Cable Transit (MCT) is a block system which provides sealing for cable penetration from hazardous area to non-hazardous area (such as from field to Control Room) and cable penetration through gas tight or fire walls.  Multi Cable Transit (MCT) … Read More

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