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Drain Hole

Drain hole is a small hole which is provided in the lower region of orifice plate. Drain hole is required in gas flow service where liquid entrainment may occur.

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Vent Hole

Vent hole is a small hole which is provided in the upper region of orifice plate. Vent hole is required in liquid flow service where gas entrainment may occur. Vent hole size could affect the accuracy of flow measurement. However, … Read More

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Eccentric Orifice Plate

Eccentric Orifice Plate is orifice which bore position is offset from center line of the pipe. It is used in service if there is secondary fluid phase (gas contains liquid or liquid contains gas) in which the application of vent … Read More

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Rosemount Vortex 8800

Fewer Leaks Point – Only Rosemount Vortex flowmeters have a gasket-free sensor design that eliminates the need to break process seals for sensor replacement. Now you can keep your process running efficiently while keeping your personnel safe. For the most … Read More

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