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Choosing Valve Actuator Power Source

Valve Actuator, based on the power source, falls into the three categories. Each power source of valve actuator has unique characteristic which provide different advantage to make it suitable for specific application. Pneumatic Actuator Pneumatic actuator is the most commonly … Read More

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Actuated Valve

Actuated Valve is a valve which is automatically operated by actuator. Actuated valve may refer to on-off valve which operates in fully open or fully close or control valve which operates in throttling mode. However, term actuated valve is mostly … Read More

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Flashing and Cavitation Related Question

What is the difference between cavitation and flashing? Flashing happens in the control valve if the liquid pressure drops to the value below its vapor pressure hence it may form vapor component (like bubble). Similar to flashing, the vapor is … Read More

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Air to Open

An increase of air supply pressure to the actuator will make the main valve to open. In case there is no air supply pressure to the actuator, the main valve will close or referred as Fail Close.

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