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Fail Safe

Fail safe means that when the power source is lost, the controller causes the process go to a safe state. Safe state mostly requires equipment to be shutdown, production to be halt and sometime process material to be released. Fail … Read More

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Basic Process Control System (BPCS)

Basic Process Control System (BPCS) is a system which handles process control and monitoring for the facility. It will take inputs from sensor and process instruments and provide output based on control functions in accordance with approved design control strategy. … Read More

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Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is a system composed of sensors, logic solver and final control elements designed and installed to protect personnel, equipment and environment by taking the process to a safe state. Safety Instrument System shall perform any action … Read More

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Emerson Process

Whether you’re looking for measurement and analytical devices, valves and final control elements, or systems and software, Emerson’s technology know-how and application experience enable us to develop products and solutions that deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect. … Read More

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