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Control System Architecture

Control system architecture depicts the architecture of the plant control systems and the interface among the systems required for overall operation of process plant.

The required Control System is determined by the  level of functionality,  complexity and safety of a plant. This may comprise of process control system, safety instrumented system, HIPPS, fire and gas system, package unit control system. Read More..

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Instrument Range Selection

Instrument range shall be selected based on operating range of process to be measured. In common practice, it is recommended to select instrument with full scale range that can give operating process reading between 30% and 70% especially for pressure gauge. The following is an example of selecting pressure gauge range Read More..

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Tubing and Fitting Design Guide

The following points provide brief guideline in tubing and fitting design for instrument tubing and fittings. The selection preferences may vary between projects.

  • Selection of hook up materials shall consider process fluid pressure and pressure rating to ensure good sealing and integrity.   Read More..
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Use of Temperature Transmitter

To establish a temperature measurement system, electronic temperature instrument needs to be wired to control system . RTD and thermocouple can be directly connected to control system I/O card or through Temperature Transmitter for signal conversion. In most application, temperature transmitter is used to convert RTD/Thermocouple signal and transmit 4-20mA signal, rather than directly wired the RTD or themocouple to I/O card Read More..

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