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Instrument Specification Document vs Instrument Data Sheet

What is the difference between instrument specification and instrument data sheet? The terms of instrument specification and instrument data sheet are used interchangeably by¬† some practitioner. Both are referred as the documents or information sheet which specifying the details of … Read More

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Halogen Free and Low Smoke Instrument Cable Sheath

The requirement to have halogen free and low smoke cable is driven by the¬†behavior of instrument cable sheath when exposed to fire. By having halogen free properties, the cable sheath is expected not to produce toxic smoke which can be … Read More

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Instrument Cable Screen Grounding

Why the cable screen shall not be grounded at instrument field device? Cable screen protects the signal carried on the conductor from external interference. Cable screen blocks the external interference and noise, then directs it to the ground. Screen shall … Read More

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Pipeline Shutdown Valve

What is the main concern for the shutdown valve design in pipeline installation? Pipeline is usually required to be cleaned periodically using pigging system. Pigging system consist of pig launcher, pig receiver and a pig. Pig has brush part which … Read More

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