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Instrument Air Consumption Calculation

Instrument air consumption shall be calculated during detail design to determine the plant utility air requirement by pneumatic operated instrument as well as package which requires air for its utility such as purging or other purpose. Instrument air consumption calculation … Read More

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Choosing Valve Actuator Power Source

Valve Actuator, based on the power source, falls into the three categories. Each power source of valve actuator has unique characteristic which provide different advantage to make it suitable for specific application. Pneumatic Actuator Pneumatic actuator is the most commonly … Read More

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Diaphragm Seal – When to Use?

This post tries to describe the use of diaphragm seal since the standard installation of pressure instrument is by using pressure transmitter which is remotely mounted from process taps and connected by impulse line which is commonly a tubing. In … Read More

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Instrument Cable Specification

Instrument Cable Specification During detailed design project, the cable shall be selected with suitable specification for the ¬†intended application. In the beginning of the project, the specification for each cable part shall be carefully specified to satisfy the requirement of … Read More

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