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Voting Logic ESD Transmitter

ESD transmitters serving critical shutdown level in Safety Instrumented System are recommended to have voting logic configuration. Voting logic is applied to minimize the occurrence of complete loss of production caused by single transmitter fault or spurious trip shutdown. The … Read More

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Heat Detector: Fusible Loop System

Besides producing flame, fire also produces smoke and heat.┬áHence to detect the existence of fire, heat detector can be used. Compared to flame detector and smoke detector, heat detector is slow in detecting fire because it only activates once a … Read More

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Instrument Range Selection

Instrument range shall be selected based on operating range of process to be measured. In common practice, it is recommended to select instrument with full scale range that can give operating process reading between 30% and 70% especially for pressure … Read More

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Tubing and Fitting Design Guide

The following points provide brief guideline in tubing and fitting design for instrument tubing and fittings. The selection preferences may vary between projects. Selection of hook up materials shall consider process fluid pressure and pressure rating to ensure good sealing … Read More

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