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Stanchion (Instrument Mounting Stand)

Stanchion is the other term for instrument mounting stand. It is a structure where instrument is mounted. Stanchion is commonly constructed from 2” pipe with base plate. The instrument is attached to the stanchion by means of bracket for 2” … Read More

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Multi Cable Transit (MCT)

Multi Cable Transit (MCT) is a block system which provides sealing for cable penetration from hazardous area to non-hazardous area (such as from field to Control Room) and cable penetration through gas tight or fire walls.  Multi Cable Transit (MCT) … Read More

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Executive Action

Executive action means physical control function performed by the control system. In Safety Instrument System (SIS), the executive action could be shut-off the actuated valve, turn off heater, etc. In Fire and Gas System (FGS) the executive action could be … Read More

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Air Distribution Manifold (Instrument Air)

Instrument air distribution manifold is a pipe shaped chamber (manifold) with several branches of outlets for delivering instrument air to multiple consumers such as control valve, actuated valve or other pneumatic operated instrument. The number of outlet of an instrument … Read More

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