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Drain Hole

Drain hole is a small hole which is provided in the lower region of orifice plate. Drain hole is required in gas flow service where liquid entrainment may occur.

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Ladder (Cable Ladder)

Ladder may refers to cable ladder. Ladder is used to support large number of large cables between two points. Cable Ladder material shall be selected based on environmental and installation conditions. Several types of material are available such as stainless … Read More

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Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Hydraulic Power Unit, together with Well Control Module, is part of Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) which provides hydraulic power to operate Production Wing Valve, Production Master ValveĀ  and Downhole Safety Valve (DHSV) for each wellhead. Hydraulic Power Unit supplies hydraulic … Read More

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Vent Hole

Vent hole is a small hole which is provided in the upper region of orifice plate. Vent hole is required in liquid flow service where gas entrainment may occur. Vent hole size could affect the accuracy of flow measurement. However, … Read More

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