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Cable Gland

Cable gland is a cable fitting used for cable penetration into the equipment and make secure connection between cable and the equipment. Cable gland also provides several functions in cable installation as follows:

  • As a cable strain-relief
  • To seal the equipment form surrounding ambient hence maintaining the characteristic of the equipment. The explosion proof equipment/panel shall have Eexd certified cable gland to make the explosion proof protection does not void
  • provision for making electrical connection to the mechanical protection i.e. armour or braid

The selection of cable gland shall consider several following factors:

  • Material, the enviromental condition and particle that cable gland might be exposed to
  • Size, depends on the intended cable size/diameter
  • Type of protection, Eexd/Eexe or general purpose
  • Cable type to be attached, armored/non-armoured
  • The required Degree of Ingress protection
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