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Voting Logic ESD Transmitter

ESD transmitters serving critical shutdown level in Safety Instrumented System are recommended to have voting logic configuration. Voting logic is applied to minimize the occurrence of complete loss of production caused by single transmitter fault or spurious trip shutdown. The voting configuration can be 2oo3 or 1oo2D based on SIL assessment and verification.

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Instrument Specification Document vs Instrument Data Sheet

What is the difference between instrument specification and instrument data sheet? The terms of instrument specification and instrument data sheet are used interchangeably by  some practitioner. Both are referred as the documents or information sheet which specifying the details of instrument. You often see manufacturers use the word “specification” in their product flyer and some time you get “data sheet” in different manufacturer product sheet.

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Heat Detector: Fusible Loop System

Besides producing flame, fire also produces smoke and heat. Hence to detect the existence of fire, heat detector can be used. Compared to flame detector and smoke detector, heat detector is slow in detecting fire because it only activates once a fire has produced sufficient heat of which heat detector could respond. However, heat detector could provide useful back up or as alternative to flame and smoke detectors. One mean to sense heat is by utilizing Fusible Loop System. Read More..

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Halogen Free and Low Smoke Instrument Cable Sheath

The requirement to have halogen free and low smoke cable is driven by the behavior of instrument cable sheath when exposed to fire. By having halogen free properties, the cable sheath is expected not to produce toxic smoke which can be dangerous to personnel during fire.
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